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Post Trade Distribute Ledger

Distributed ledger technology has brought together a community who through collaboration will work together to find new ways to improve the post-trade space which ultimately is good for the industry, our clients and the world.

“The potential impact of Blockchain and distributed ledger technology on the post-trade industry is huge, and as with all pioneering developments, there is great excitement but also uncertainty." Sandra Ro, PTDL Organising Committee Member

The PTDL connects practitioners, regulators and central banks on a global scale to identify and drive forward activities and position specific recommendations that may leverage distributed ledger technologies’ for the benefit of the post trade industry.

We will explore and identify regulatory and legal themes and research and identify impacts and associated benefits for the wider industry, from the new distributed ledger technologies on the post-trade space.

PTDL Group is a group of nearly 40 financial institutions and prominent market infrastructures players from all regions of the globe whose shared visions of the use of distributed ledger technology has brought them together. 

The PTDL Group provides a trusted environment for key post-trade participants to collaborate and share information for the best interests of our industry. The PTDL will undertake activities relating to how distributed ledger technologies will transform the post-trade landscape..