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Post-Trade Distributed Ledger Group

Presentation to PTDL by Sophia Grami of Synswap May 10th 2017. Synswap is a blockchain-driven platform designed to provide a better infrastructure to the OTC derivatives market by replacing a fragmented, costly and inefficient post-trade workflow with a simplified and streamlined process.

Presentation to PTDL by Daniel Aranda, EMEA Managing Director, Ripple about Distributed Financial Technology 27 - July - 2016

JPX - Applicability of DLT to Capital Markets Infrastructure

The Japan Exchange Group have recent published a report on how distributed ledger technology may be ised in the capital markets. It is a very interesting  study on the applicability of DLT on capital markets infrastructure, please find the link below:

World Federation of Exchanges

In July 2016, the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE)1, in conjunction with the Affiliate Members Consultative Committee (AMCC) of the International Organisation of Securities Committees (IOSCO), surveyed exchanges and post-trade infrastructures (collectively, Financial Market Infrastructures) regarding their use of and perspectives on DLTs including blockchain. To read the report including the role PTDL is playing  

Latest Presentations

Where possible we will publish the presentations made to the PTDL Group at our monthly members meetings

World Economic Forum Blockchain report

Blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin could profoundly alter the way banks do business worldwide, lowering their operating costs and making financial services securer and more accessible, a World Economic Forum report finds
Technology could lead to lower fees for consumers, better regulatory oversight and better preparedness against financial bubbles, but impact is likely to be mostly limited to the back-end of banking operations, with major disruption through innovations such as bitcoin less likely to transform the industry
Collaboration between competing financial institutions will be required to overcome early challenges associated with the technology and ensure that full economic and social benefits are realized
For the full report,

Presentation to PTDL by Thorsten Peisl, CEO Rise Technologies - Distributed Technology to Optimise Multi-Asset/Currency Settlement and Recordkeeping

Presentation to PTDL by Dr Lee Braine, Investment Bank CTO Office, Barclays about Smart Contract Templates